Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

Quick Tips to get through the Application Process as quickly as possible FOR NEW STUDENTS

  • The company that own the application software advise that you use Google Chrome, and using a laptop or PC will give best results
  • To begin the application process you will be asked to enter an e-mail address and you will be sent a code which you must enter to start the process. Ensure you are using an e-mail address you have immediate access to. (Parents, if applying for your son/daughter use your own e-mail so that you will get the code – it can be changed to the student’s e-mail address later in the year). This code often goes straight into junk/spam folder so check there if you do not see it straight away.
  • Ensure you have all information to hand – including your parent/guarantor’s phone number and e-mail address
When do you start taking bookings?

From Monday 20th February 2024 until 4th March 2024

When are acknowledgements of receipt of application forms sent out?

 At the end of every working day we will send an email to all those that have submitted an application since the previous working day to confirm that we have received your application.

When will rooms be allocated?

First round of offers will be in or around mid March 2024

How many rooms do you have available?

382 beds

Are they all En suite?

Yes – All rooms at Dunaras are En Suite.

How many different types of rooms do you have?

Six- Deluxe & Standard Twin, Deluxe & Standard Single, & Deluxe & Standard Double – All En Suite

What is a Double, compared to a twin?

A Double is a room with a double bed for rent to one student only. A twin room is a room with two single beds, two wardrobes, two study desks, for rent to two people.

If successful what do I need to bring with me for the apartment?

Pillows, duvet, fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and towels. Mattress protector will be provided.

Is everything else supplied?

Yes – everything else is supplied except personal belongings and products

What size sheets do I need to buy?

 For a Double – a standard size double sheet. For all others a standard size single.

Is everybody entitled to use the shuttle bus?

All Dunaras students who rent their room through M&C Property management.

How do I get a Dunaras ID card?

You will need to bring a passport sized photo on check in and we can then provide you with an ID card.

How much does it cost?

 It is included in the advertised fee

Does a Dunaras ID card have any other function?

You should always carry your Dunaras ID card. Security at Dunaras is very pro-active and you may be asked to produce your ID, particularly late at night, until the security staff get to know you.

When do I get my money back if I am unsuccessful?

We will not take a booking/security deposit if we do not have a bedspace to offer you

When do I get my Deposit back if I reside at Dunaras for the academic Year?

Deposits, less any deductions, will be returned within 6-8 weeks of the expiry date of the contract.

Do you have room for single semester students?

Please contact the office directly to enquire about the availability of Single Semester Spaces

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions on our Student Rates page.

Overall, I loved my experience at Dunaras. I LOVE the apartments, the layout, and the fact that they are all fully furnished. I also love how helpful the staff is. My housemates and I got along super well, and it seemed to be a perfect match. The Dunaras Bus completed the picture and made living here perfect!


3rd Year