Dunaras Village student accommodation offers great facilities at affordable prices. Below shows a breakdown of student rates by room type. Students applying to stay at Dunaras Village enter into a Lease Agreement to occupy the property for the lease period and are liable for rent during this lease term. Dunaras Village rent is broken down as follows:


Lease Dates:  Monday 29th August 2022 – Friday 19th May 2023 


Charge / Rental Period Due Date Deluxe Twin Ensuite pp Standard Twin Ensuite pp Deluxe Single Ensuite  Standard Single Ensuite Deluxe Double Ensuite  Standard Double Ensuite 
Booking / Security Deposit Due on offer of room  €497.25 €486.20 €685.10 €663.00 €729.30 €707.20
Electricity Prepayment 18/08/2022 €400.00 €400.00 €400.00 €400.00 €400.00 €400.00
Bill Mgt Fee 18/08/2022 €50.00 €50.00 €50.00 €50.00 €50.00 €50.00
Utilities 18/08/2022 €420.00 €420.00 €420.00 €420.00 €420.00 €420.00
Moiety 1 18/08/2022 €2,524.50 €2,468.40 €3,478.20 €3,366.00 €3,702.60 €3,590.40
Moiety 2 01/12/2022 €1,836.00 €1,795.20 €2,529.60 €2,448.00 €2,692.80 €2,611.20

*Monthly payments plans are also available, please contact our office by email for further information.


A booking deposit equal to one months is required at the time of bookings to secure a room. This booking deposit is subject to the cancellation policy as outlined in the Terms & Conditions. Upon commencement of your tenancy the Booking Deposit is transferred over to be held as your Security Deposit, in addition to any additional security deposit top-up payable (the amount of your security deposit payable is directly linked to your monthly rent), for the duration of your lease. This is returned, less any deductions, 6-8 weeks after the end of the lease agreement.


There is an Electricity Prepayment due in the amount of €400. This is held on deposit towards electricity usage and any unused portion will be refunded 6-8 weeks after the end of the lease. Each apartment is metered for pre-pay electricity, and is topped up over the course of the academic year. Our current prepay provider is PrepayPower. The pre-pay meters allow students to monitor and have greater control over their electricity usage on a daily basis. If an apartment runs out of electricity credit between top-ups they simply report this to management who will provide them with a top-up link, allowing the students to purchase additional credit online.

€50 Bill Management Fee is a non-refundable fee and covers administration and payment of electricity, WIFI, TV and refuse bills throughout the term of the lease. Both of these charges are due on the same date as your first rental instalment.


Utilities in the amount of €420 are due in full with the first rent instalment. This charge covers services to the property, is fixed and is non refundable. It includes the TV licence, WIFI, shuttle Bus to and from NUIG and refuse.